Makeup and Hair Styles
Australian sensation Linley Taylor, comes with a number of years of experience in the hair and fashion industry. With competitive pricing and mobility, you will not find a more creative artist.


Makeup and Hair
$100.00 per hr  (4 hour minimum)

$65.00 per hr (4 hour minimum)

$65.00 per hr (4 hour minimum)

(Air Brush Foundation $40 extra)
Recommend for long lasting coverage.

50{c5ea886ce02451b93fa3a82923571783a91dedd8c6136746c53c679c032b11f5} Deposits must be made on any event or wedding to book the date

Balance is due the week before the wedding

* No refunds subject to expenses & as the date is booked out to you and no one else we do not refund your deposit.
* For special circumstances refunds are Subject to approval by the director.

* Free travel up to 10 kilometers, over 20 minutes from Perth City will incur $25 fee.