Cosmetic Camouflage (Micro-pigmentation)
Physical scars on the body often leave emotional scars for the person who has them. Cosmetic Camouflage, or Micro-pigmentation, can help to heal the appearance of the skin as well as your spirit or self-image.

The procedure medical doctors often refer to as micro-pigmentation or permanent tattooing, more commonly known as permanent makeup, has become a viable option for quickly and easily helping patients in the appearance aspect of their recovery and healing. Now there’s growing awareness and agreement among medical doctors regarding this cosmetic solution can recommend with confidence and proven results for patients.

Have Realistic Expectations with Cosmetic Camouflage

Scar camouflage can begin once you’ve been cleared for it by your physician. There is normally a waiting period of a few months.

If you do need cosmetic camouflage, it’s critical you reach a positive outcome following this process. Cosmetic camouflage can often work quite well, but it is important for you to understand that this procedure does not guarantee you will completely and instantly remove all visible signs of the previous skin condition. You must have realistic expectations.

The consultation will not inform you to believe everything you want to hear to make you into a client. It will give you an expert opinion and  encourage you to seek other opinions if you’re still uncertain after our consultation.

In most cases, after a couple of applications, you will see significant improvement of the appearance of the area.


Choose your Permanent Makeup Artist the Same Way You Chose your Surgeon

In getting multiple medical opinions, you have learned a great deal in the process. One thing is clear: not all surgeons are created equal; not all are right for you. It is important to point out that surgeons specializing in oncology or plastic surgery, are all required to live up to the same established ethical, professional, and safety regulations and standards.

It is equally important to point out that, unfortunately, the permanent makeup industry is lagging way behind in these critical areas. For example, some permanent makeup technicians promote themselves to potential clients as being “certified.”  Ask questions; you have the right to feel comfortable and secure about any procedure performed on you. Remember, you’re paying for it, and it is your body.

In choosing the right permanent makeup artist to apply cosmetic camouflage on you, it is imperative to find one who has the knowledge, training, caring approach, and skills and experience you will want and need.

Camouflage Permanent Makeup: The Finishing Touch

Cosmetic camouflage in the form of micro-pigmentation often delivers the “finishing touch” for a woman following breast surgery, scaring and other damages to the skin. Camouflaging any scar is critical in putting the experience behind you. It can mark the end of one long or short challenging road, and hopefully the beginning of a new, happier and healthier road in your life.